10 Ways to Bribe Kids to Behave at Summer Camp

They’re wild and crazy. They’re a bunch of kids excited to be at summer camp! You remember what it was like to be an elementary student out-of-school for the summer, but for the counselors at summer camp, it can be quite an adventure to get everyone to behave.

What’s wrong with a little bribery? Here are 10 ways to bride kids to behave at summer camp:

  1. Push back “Lights Out.” No kid is ready for the day to be over at summer camp. Let them know that if their behavior is good, “lights out” will be pushed back 30 minutes. That’s 30 more minutes of fun!
  2. Great Behavior Movie Night. On one of the final nights of camp, have a movie night with snacks. Hype this event up all week and make it known that if you get into any sort of trouble, you’ll be spending the evening in complete boredom while everyone else has a blast at Movie Night.12spcwnrvc
  3. Crown a King and Queen of camp. Let the kids know that each day you will crown a “King and Queen” of camp based on who has the best behavior. Make it official with a crown and a tiara.
  4. Candy! Candy! Candy! Sometimes nothing makes kids behave better than the appeal of some candy. Personalize some candy bars with the name of the camp and kids are sure to behave for one!
  5. Ice Cream Sundaes. Good behavior all week means an ice cream sundae party on the last day. It will be a party everyone wants to attend, but bad behavior means you don’t go. Remind the kids of this throughout the week.
  6. Behave for beads. Each day a kid finishes with good behavior, give them beads to wear. On the final day of camp, kids with the most beads get another prize!
  7. Certificate for the fridge. Whether they admit it or not, kids love taking home positive information about themselves to their parents. At the end of the week, if the camper hasn’t been a behavior problem, give them a special certificate they can take home and give to mom and dad. They can proudly display it on the refrigerator!
  8. Tickets for Trinkets. Whenever a camper does something nice, like helps a fellow camper, lets someone go in front of them in line, or goes the extra mile in a certain activity, give them a ticket. At the end of the week, let kids use their collected tickets to “buy” things at a camp store filled with favors.
  9. Words of Encouragement. Believe it or not, just telling a kid, “Hey, you did a really good job today!” can be a major highlight in a kid’s time at camp. The more you hype up positive behavior, the more other kids will want to behave as well. So bride them with positive words and pats on the back!
  10. Good Attitude Party. A good attitude party is filled with snacks, music, games and 5t121yeven decorations. Consider having a theme party like an island party or Western party. Only the best-behaved kids at camp get to come to this invitation-only party. Tell kids that the party is very exclusive. Those who get to attend will be very proud of themselves for behaving all week at camp!
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Thoughtful Teacher Goodbye Ideas that Say “Thank You!”

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, many students are simply focused on summer vacation and a break from the books. While all your friends and classmates are focused on vacation, your teachers are trying to help you and your classmates get through the last few days and final exams. How can you show your teachers that you’re very thankful for them? Here are a few ideas for you that will help you show your teachers how much you appreciate them.

Different Presents for Different Teachers

Each teacher has a different impact on you. Through the various subjects you’ve studied, you’ve undoubtedly seen the dedication your teachers have to their students and their jobs. Why not make different thank-you bouquets for each teacher? All it takes is a little creativity and some supplies.

For an art teacher, for example, you could buy an assortment of colored pens and colored pencils. Bundle them together with colorful ribbon and then string an ivy garland with roses around the bundle and through the pens and pencils. Add a note to your pen and pencil bouquet that explains how thankful you are for everything the Ivy Garland with Rosesteacher has done for you—it could say “Thank you for teaching me to add color to my life!” Make it personal, something that helps your teacher understand that it’s you realizing that you’d be a different person without the guidance of your teacher. You could also substitute the colored pencils for no. 2 pencils and make this bouquet for any teacher.

If you’re planning a thank-you gift for your science teacher, you could take star cutouts and make a small bouquet of shooting stars. Place your bouquet on a larger star cutout and write a short note on the larger star. You could write, “Thank you for teaching me to reach for the stars.”

If you’d like to stray away from the bouquets for a different teacher, why not buy your English teacher a gift card to a local bookstore? Pair it with a bunch of balloons and a note that says something like, “Thank you for helping my imagination take flight though books.”

If you have a teacher who has been a part of the prom planning committee, make sure to order extra favors so you can give some to your teacher at the end of the year as a thank you for all the help they gave during prom planning.

As this school year is coming to a quick close, think about everything your teachers have done to help you learn this past year. If you’re preparing for graduation, think about everything your teachers have done throughout your educational career to help you. They never ask for a thank you, they simply do it because they love their job and want to see you do great things. Why not surprise them and acknowledge how hard they work and how much they’ve helped and taught you? A simple thank you to your teachers will go a long way.

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Recreate Your Mother’s Prom for Mother’s Day

It was likely one of the most magical nights of her life, years before she became a mom and decorationswas loaded down with responsibility and being a grown up. It was your mother’s prom night. Can you imagine the excitement she would feel if you could take her back to a time when life was simpler? Mother’s Day is May 12. Recreate your mother’s prom for Mother’s Day and it will be a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

Create a Committee

Taking on an entire “flashback” prom is a lot of work for one person. You’ll want to have a group of people to help you. Maybe it will be you and your best girlfriends creating this special event for your mothers. Maybe it will be some sort of club putting the event together and it will be open to mothers in the general public. If you think your event will have a large turnout, consider getting local businesses to sponsor the event.

Picking a Venue

When picking a venue, make sure you take into consideration how many people you think will show up. If it’s a small event, you might be able to pull it off in someone’s backyard. Otherwise, check with local hotels, churches or banquet halls and see what they have available.

Spread the Word

If the event is for a select group of mothers, send out invitations in the mail or create an event on a social media site. Use the local newspaper and radio stations to advertise if your event is on a large scale. You may want to create tickets so you can get a good idea of how many people are going to show up. Also, make sure you specify the dress code for the event. Will mothers be expected to dress in the type of attire they would have worn to their high school prom, or will they dress in modern clothing for a nice night out on the town? Make sure all the details are on the invitations, tickets, and/or advertisements.

Music and Food

The majority of the mothers attending probably went to prom before the 1980’s, so they didn’t have a DJ provide the music at the dance. Hire a live band to play songs from the teenage years of the mothers in attendance. If a band is too expensive, make a mix on your MP3 player ahead of time and have it playing throughout the prom.

Serving an entire meal is quite a project to take on, so you might just want to serve appetizers. Hire a caterer or have different people on the committee bring in their favorite finger foods. Make sure the tableware matches the prom decorations. Have water and punch available. Depending on your crowd, you may or may not want to serve alcohol. However, it’s pretty clear that alcohol was not served at anyone’s prom, at least not by the school! Decide how realistic you want your Mother’s Day prom to be.


Pick the decade you think most of the moms will have a soft spot for and go with that theme for the prom. Decorations should be fun, and when done correctly, they should make prom guests feel as though they’ve been transported to another time. One of the most important decorations of the night will be whatever you decide to give out as a prom favor. Get something personalized that mothers will have to remember the night for years to come.

Mom hasn’t been to a prom in years. Let her have a night of fun just like she did in high school, and recreate her prom for Mother’s Day.

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7 Creative Ways to Say Congrats to a Graduate

The final few months of high school, or even college, can feel like a whirlwind. Students are trying their best to stay focused in class as the weather warms up, plan senior trips, proms, and look forward to college acceptance letters. It is also an emotionally trying time amongst all the excitement and hustle and bustle, because the end of an era is rapidly approaching. Things are going to change, after all, and that can be not only exciting, but a little frightening as well.
You’re proud of your graduate, though. One thing that remains certain in all the commotion is the monumental accomplishments they have under their belts now, and it is important to remind them of all that they have done so far.
1. Remind them that they already have the “keys to success” at their graduation party. Using antique keys for an extra special look, or just all those extra keys that households seem to accumulate throughout the years, create a unique centerpiece in an ornate frame. Put cardboard backing in the frame, and hang the keys. Decorate with brass or gold tones, putting gold gossamer as a table runner and using it to tie sashes on the chairs.
2. Money is a typical gift for graduates, but it is important to let them know that when you give them this gift, it is truly because you are proud, and not just because it is obligatory. Using a personalized candy jar, have the label say “Your Hard Work Has Paid Off.” Fill the jar with money of any denomination, but fold the bills like little diplomas.
3. Create your own “diploma” for the graduate in your life, but instead of the typical fare, have close family and friends write on the diploma all the things that they are proud of the graduate in their life for accomplishing. Nothing feels better than being appreciated. Make sure it is not just school accomplishments, but personal growth, as well. Teenagers struggle with feeling recognized for how they are growing up, and recognizing the graduate in your life along those lines is sure to make their graduation party feel like a true celebration.
4. You can let them know they are a star. Make the graduation party star themed, give them their own Hollywood “Walk of Fame” made out of chalk stars or large cardboard stars, and write on the stars the different accomplishments and life milestones that have helped them get this far.
5. Write a letter to your child to give to them after graduation. There could be the most sought-after speaker at commencement, but what really is going to count is what they hear from you. Take the time—even hand-write it—and make sure they know how proud you are.
6. Put an advertisement in the newspaper.
7. Finally, remind them how you believe in the strength of their light – and let all the graduation party guests know, too. Create a one of a kind party favor with clear glass votive candles with personalized stickers. The stickers could have an inspirational message, or your child’s name and year of graduation.

The only limit is your imagination, and the message is sure to be clear.
Whatever you decide to do for graduation, remember that showing your graduate how much you have seen them grow, as well as the faith you have in their future, is of supreme importance. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel, and you are guaranteed to make them feel special and appreciated.

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Quick Ship Prom Favors Save the Dance

Just because you need party favors fast doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best. Here are just a few of the delightful reviews from customers receiving orders from the Quick Ship collection of prom favors.

Favor: Leis
Typical ratings: colorful, fun, good value
Sample response: “Definite hit!”

Leis are a staple when it comes to luau favors, of course, but our customers understand the festive appeal goes way beyond parties thrown in tropical paradises. Party planners have recently told us about presenting leis for casino and Elvis themes, for example, and “Cindy” observed that students who received maroon-and-white spirit leis as graduation tokens continued to wear them after the celebration as well.

Favor: Eiffel Tower key tags
Typical ratings: attractive design, good value
Sample response: “Ooh la la!”

When it comes to this key tag favor, the compliments are about evenly split between the product and the service. Customers who have ordered these tags for their Paris themed events comment on the good customer service, prompt delivery and pristine condition of the product upon arrival. They also consistently express their opinion that the tags are well-made and a real value. Said “Lipchees”: “Everyone appreciated the nice touch!”

Favor: Mardi Gras masks
Typical ratings: attractive design, colorful, good value, quality construction
Sample response: “I would buy this product again and again.”

We have two very popular Mardi Gras masks for quick shipping: the French Quarter sequined mask and the Harlequin Glitter mask. Both are rated very highly for attractiveness and durability. They are full-sized masks that hosts offer as wearable favors but also use as table décor (see “Lynn’s” beautiful centerpiece creation made with the sequined masks here). Sometimes they end up being both; “Kim” reports she placed them on tables as decoration and guests picked them up right away to wear, which added to the fun.

Favor: Photo favors
Typical ratings: good value
Sample response: “Excellent product.”

The quick ship collection includes several types of photo favors: frames, cubes, key tags and photo albums. “kwz” describes how excited their prom committee is to add the Glitter photo album to its swag bags. It’s no wonder at all – this is an attractive album in silver or gold that will hold 24 of your prom photos of the standard 4”x6” snapshot size, and it is currently priced under $3 each with no minimum order amount. (Check out the Glitter photo key tag for a possible “dynamic duo” favor combo, too!)

It’s been fun sharing reviews of our Quick Ship prom favors, but it barely scratches the surface of what we offer so we hope you’ll take a spin around the whole Quick Ship catalog. In particular we’d like to point out that “Prom 2013” photo favors and key tags are so new they haven’t been reviewed yet – maybe you’ll be the first! Happy hunting!

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Ideas for your Prom King and Queen and the Royalty Ceremony

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your royal court shine.  There are endless opportunities for making your ceremony something special that will be remembered for years to come.  From flash mobs, to Fox Trots, or The Evolution of Dance, choreographing a group dance is a fun way to make your court stand out.  Use the theme of your prom to draw inspiration for music choices.   If your prom theme revolves around a movie, have court members re-enact a scene to make your court the hit of the party.   Another great way to make your prom king and queen feel special is to go all out when decorating your royal wonderland.  Create a setting truly fit for a king and queen!Image

Dance crazes have become all the rage.   A well-rehearsed flash mob can be a great bonding experience for members of your court.  It can even be expanded to include all of your prom’s attendees.  What could be more memorable than everyone working together to create a giant dancing mob?  Have the members of the court emerge from the mob for a grand finale.

If the theme of your prom is more traditional, the court could learn a classical dance number, such as the Fox Trot or a Waltz.  The students in this video have done a great job of performing this classy number.  This also presents a great opportunity for a jump into a number on the Evolution of Dance.  Halfway through the slow song have members freeze and then the DJ can play a compilation of a series of popular dance pop songs of recent decades.  These performances must be well choreographed, but with enough time and effort they can be a lot of fun and very impressive.

Creativity knows no boundaries and a funny skit or a dramatic performance can be a great way for the prom court to make an impression.  If your prom is movie themed, pick a favorite scene and do a spoof.  Split the court in half and have a West Side Story like rivalry between its members.  The more dramatic and over-acted the skit, the more laughs you will receive so get silly!  Even if your theme is not about a specific movie, you can pick a scene from a film with a similar plot.  For example, if your prom has a nautical theme, a funny spoof from The Little Mermaid would be a big hit.  You could have a popular teacher dress as Ursula and crash the crowning ceremony.


Finally, you can really go all out by making your prom king and queen feel like real royalty.   Re-enact a Tudor’s style coronation by presenting the winners with an entire royal costume.  High quality robes can be a great way to really go above and beyond just the basic presentation of a tiara and crown.  Red carpet, royal scepters, beautiful headpieces, and beautiful sashes will ensure that your prom king and queen will be given a night they never forget.   The options are endless.  With a little imagination and a lot of hard work you can create the prom of your dreams!

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5 Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

Prom is In the Air

By the time prom rolls around each year, all the girls are wondering when a boy will ask them to prom and all the boys are thinking about everything except prom. Girls are dreaming about how their crush will ask them to prom (hint, guys: they want to feel butterflies), while boys are realizing that it’s about time to ask someone to prom or all the girls will already have dates. Now, the big question is: Guys, how will you ask your date to prom? Here are a few ideas to get you started…

How to Ask Your Date to Prom

  1. Decorate her locker: Get a bunch of balloons in her favorite color stars around stars balloonsand fill her locker with them. Leave a flower and a tiara with a note that says, “Will you be my prom queen?” Not only will that give her the butterflies she’s been hoping for, but you’ll probably have a date to prom by the time the bell rings.
  2. Decorate her car: As if decorating her locker wasn’t enough, get some window paint and streamers and decorate her car! Be sure to have window cleaner with you just in case—if you paint on either windshield, it will have to be washed off before she can drive. You could tangle a teddy bear in some balloon ribbons and attach it to the car’s antenna. Then write “Prom?” and various notes on the windows.
  3. Mimic a movie: There are a few movies you may know of that have great scenes of guys attempting to ask a girl out. You could go to her house with an old boom box (fair warning, this one’s from the 80’s). Stand in her driveway, hold the boom box over your head, and play her favorite song. If she plays a sport, go to the field during her practice time and sing her favorite song! You might need a megaphone, but it’ll definitely get her attention. If you do either of these, make sure to ask her to prom once the song is over and bring a bouquet of flowers for her.
  4. Prom Favor Scavenger Hunt: You might need some help from your date’s friends. Make sure her schedule is clear one day after school—no sports practice or plans with friends. Set up a twist stem flute gel candlescavenger hunt before school leading to a spot that may be special to the two of you. At each place, leave a different favor that could be seen at your prom: a jelled candle, a personalized candy bar, or a variety of other items. At the end of the scavenger hunt, be ready to greet her with a bouquet of flowers and ask her if she’ll be your date to prom.
  5. Plan a special lunch: Pack a picnic lunch to share with your special girl at school. Set the table with a gingham table cloth and two prom candles and pack a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice, and potato chips. While you’re enjoying your lunch, pull a tiara out of the picnic basket and ask her to prom!

Now that you have some ideas to get you started, get out there and ask your favorite girl to prom!

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