Seven Sure-Fire After-Prom Activities and Prizes

How do you follow up the best prom of the year?  Plan the best after-prom, of course!  You have to find a way to keep your prom guests going after their night of dancing and fun, so here are a few ideas to help you plan a memorable after-prom and prizes that can be given out during your after-prom.

Sure-Fire After-Prom Activities:

1.)    Bowling:  While it seems somewhat cliché to go bowling after prom, it can be much more fun than you think!  Because your guests have been dancing all night, a late-night trip to a bowling alley with wonderful junk food will make your guests happy.  They’ll be able to eat burgers and cheese fries and their energy will get back to where it was before their big night began.  After they’re re-energized, have your guests form teams.  Make the main game of the night the pin total—whichever team has the highest pin total when the games end will win prizes.  Limit the team numbers to five members per team.  Then, each member of the winning team will receive a gift card to the moves, the local mall, or a restaurant.  There are many other games to play throughout the night, too: who gets the first strike, which bowler gets the first spare, which bowler picks up the first split, which bowler gets the most strikes in one game, and so on.  These games can be rewarded with smaller prizes, but those will come up later.

2.)    Casino Night:  A favorite after-prom theme that you can actually decorate for, this will definitely help your guests relax after dancing the night away!  A great way to award prizes for a casino night after-prom is by having a raffle that runs throughout the night.  Give your guests raffle tickets when they enter.  Through the night, the guests can win more raffle tickets by playing various games.  Then, raffle off small prizes every fifteen or twenty minutes.  Set up various tables with different card games and casino games throughout your after-prom area so your guests can try a few different games and see which they like.  More prizes can be awarded this way, too.

3.)    After-Prom Breakfast:  Depending on how late your prom goes, you might be wise to set up an after-prom breakfast for your guests, rather than sending them home hungry.  Prepare tons of waffles and pancakes, grill up some sausages and ham, and have a few moms on hand to cook eggs to order.  This way, your guests will have full bellies when they finally get home and go to bed.  Now, this after-prom theme would be hard to award prizes at, so rather than prizes, surprise your guests with a few extra favors, like personalized coffee mugs and water bottles.

Sure-Fire After-Prom Prizes:

1.)    Personalized Poker Chips:  While they seem specific to the casino night theme, personalized poker chips make a great gift for any prom-going guy.

2.)    Photo Cubes: Most prom guests take many pictures throughout the night, so for prom guests to get one frame in which to place a picture that captures the entire night is sometimes not enough.  Giving away photo cubes or photo albums will make it much easier for your guests to keep their prom pictures together so they can remember the night much longer.

3.)    Message Board Frame:  This is something that would be better given away as a prize for a few guests rather than a favor for every guest.  The guests that win a message board frame will be able to take it to college and through the rest of their lives with them.

4.)    Candles: Again, rather than giving these as favors to every guest, using them as raffle prizes or small game rewards makes personalized candles that much more special.

These are just a few sure-fire ideas for your after-prom gathering and various prizes that can be given out during that after-prom gathering.  There are many more ideas out there—just surf the web!


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