Les Misérables Inspires 2013 Paris Prom Themes

A remake of Les Misérables recently made a very triumphant debut in movie theaters. With the movie theater splash, an appreciation of the arts is surging. For example, the most common spring play this year in high schools across the country is Les Misérables: The School Edition, so naturally many prom committees are planning Paris-themed proms. Many schools also hosted Paris-themed proms in 2012. If your school is still preparing for prom and has yet to choose a theme, jump in and suggest Paris! A Paris prom theme makes for a beautiful, memorable evening—you’ll also be able to tie in music and decorations that will help your students gain a better appreciation for culture and the arts.

Paris Decorations

Transport your guests to the streets of Paris by hanging a Paris backdrop along a wall. By draping light, shimmery gossamer along the remaining walls, you’ll create a simple, clean canvas for your Paris-themed prom. By adding soft lighting (similar to candlelight), you’ll be able to create the scene of a Parisian bistro at twilight. Paper lanterns are a great way to achieve soft lighting! Create fun photo Illuminated Eiffel Toweropportunities for the students by placing standees of various Parisian landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, throughout the room. Decorate the tables with personalized candles (for your guests to take home) and pretty, floral centerpieces. For a bit of fun, sprinkle Eiffel Tower-shaped confetti around the tables. Remember, for a Parisian prom, simplicity is key. Simple beauty and elegance is what will make your guests feel like they’re in Paris and will give them a memorable evening.

Paris Favors

Giving your guests the chance to take pictures with various Parisian landmark standees will make great memories for the night, but you’ll also want to provide them with a few Paris-themed party favors. In addition to personalized candles, consider Eiffel Tower-shaped key Eiffel Tower Romance Glass Frametags! There’s also a variety of Paris-themed picture frames to choose from, from romantic to a mod-like frame. If there’s one thing that every student does at prom, it’s taking pictures. Yes, many pose for a professional picture at some point during the night, but almost everyone takes a camera and snaps a few shots with their friends. A picture frame is the perfect dance souvenir.

You could also place some candy jars on the tables and fill them with various snack foods for your guests to refuel with throughout the night. Then, you can give those snack jars away to various team captains or group officers as a bonus favor.

Also, don’t forget to give your guests a memorable tote bag to carry their favors home in! The more favors, the more memories. The decorations, favors, and fun will all help make memories, but the music and the photos will leave a big impression. With the right Parisian prom decorations, your students will want to visit the real Paris sometime in their life and perhaps develop an interest in the arts. The possibilities for your Les Misérables-inspired, Paris-themed prom are endless.


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